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Federal Tax Credit

As a homeowner, you have Federal Tax Credit are still in place through us! These credits provide a 30% tax savings for installations through 2032. Smaller credits are available through us as well.

air conditioning unit

The Ameren Rebates Program

With the Ameren Rebates Program, you get money back on a wide range of efficient, eco-friendly HVAC installations for your home that can save you up to $500+, annually:

  • High-Efficiency Electric Water Heaters ($50 Rebate)
  • Energy Star® Window Air Conditioners ($50 Rebate)
  • Ground Source or Geothermal Heat Pump (Up To $750 Per Ton Rebate)
  • Dual Fuel Heat Pump ($350 Per Ton Rebate)
  • Mini-Split Heat Pump ($350 Per Ton Rebate)
  • Insulation (50% Up To $500)
  • And More

Electric Cooperatives

Local Electrical Coops offer energy rebates, up to $850.00 a ton for qualifying geothermal installations!

Energy Savings

Numbers from U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) show that homeowners save 30-70% on heating, and 20-50% on cooling costs, by using geothermal heat pumps compared to other conventional systems. This translates to roughly $400 to $1,500 annual savings!

Let Us Show You How You Can Save Money on Your Energy Bill!